Camp Living Waters/Southeast Baptist Assembly Policies and Procedures

  1. Reservations: A reservation form must be completed online before any event will be placed on the calendar. This form can be found at Groups must indicate on the form the facilities and or equipment they wish to reserve. If more than one group is scheduled for the same date, facilities will be assigned based on size of group. If requesting use of pool, slide, or adventure recreation the date and time requested must be included on the reservations form or those items may not be available. A final schedule must be submitted at least 14 days before your event.

  2. Group Size:  We require an exact head count one week prior to the scheduled event. You will be charged according to this number for your first meal even if less show up. Remember to include your guest speakers, entertainment, chaperones as well as students in your count. Dorm rooms will be assigned based on your numbers. If you desire additional rooms you will be charged as additional $35 per night per room to cover cleaning and electricity.

  3. Payments: Deposits are $10 per person for overnight retreats and $100 for day use only. Deposits are due within 2 weeks of making a reservation. If not paid, your reservation may be canceled. All deposits are refundable 100% until 90 days prior to the event and 50% refundable up to 45 days prior to the scheduled event. No refunds will be made for cancellations past this point. The deposit amount will be credited toward your event balance unless there is a drastic change in your head count. A difference of 10% of people or less from registration to arrival will be credited, more than 10% will be forfeited. Final payment is due no later than one week before for personal and family events (birthday parties, reunions, etc.) and by the day of departure for group events.

  4. Meals: The camp kitchen will provide meals if scheduled. The kitchen is NOT available for use by a group or its members. Only camp staff is allowed in food preparation areas. Suggested meal times are as follows: Breakfast 8:00 am, Lunch 12:00 pm, and Supper 5:30 pm. Meals are served for one hour. We can generally shift meals up to 30 minutes for breakfast and lunch and one hour for dinner. Please contact us with any questions about meals or serving times.    

  5. Food and drinks are not allowed in the dorm rooms or assembly center. Bottled water is an exception to this rule. The gym and pavilion area are appropriate for snack times. Please help us keep our campus clean by making sure all wrappers and bottles are put in a garbage can.  

  6. Curfew is 11:00pm weekdays and 12:00 midnight on weekends. Out of respect to our neighbors, all loud activities will conclude by 9:00pm weekdays and 10:00pm during weekends.

  7. Liability Coverage: There is a limit on medical coverage, which is used as a co-payment for those who have medical coverage. Any accident or injury must be reported in writing and an incident filled out prior to the groups departure. Each individual's personal insurance acts as the primary insurance. Please note the Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks and Release and Indemnity Agreement are due upon arrival if participating in the high ropes course.

  8. What to Pack: Dorms- bedding or sleeping bag, pillow, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, laundry bag for dirty clothes, and personal toiletries. Private rooms- same as dorms except that bedding and towels are provided. For those using the water facilities, bring modest swimsuits (no bikinis or speedos). For those reserving any Adventure Recreation activities (basic, low ropes, or high ropes) please wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe athletic shoes. Sandals are not allowed on these courses.

  9. The following items are prohibited on Camp Living Waters grounds: Tobacco, tobacco products, smoking, vaping, alcoholic beverages, illicit materials, illegal drugs, weapons, fireworks, pets, rollerblades, skateboards.

  10. Animals: Pets are not permitted at Camp Living Waters. The only exception is service animals. If a service animal will be a part of your group, you must let the office know when you submit your headcount. Please do not allow camp and/or neighborhood animals, of any kind, in any of the buildings.

  11. Before you Leave: All rooms must be clean prior to leaving. A $35 fine per room will be charged to any group who leaves their room in unacceptable condition. This includes, but not limited to, a room in which a person smoked or left trash on the floor, in the bed or behind the furniture. The group will also receive a fine for any property that has been defaced, damaged, or destroyed during their stay.  

12. Keys: All keys must be returned to the office prior to leaving. If a key is lost or broken, the group will be charged $10 for that key.