Partner with us as we begin new ministry efforts to cultivate our camp to grow the kingdom 




We would like to build a prayer team to allow each individual to join us in ministry.  It is our desire that each church or group coming to our camp would have people praying for them. Our goal is to find out prayer requests from each group and send them to out to our prayer network via email.  We will also be sending prayer concerns of the camp facilities and staff from time to time as well.   

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Your donation allows us to further out mission and vision.  We encourage people to give to their local church and denominational institutions foremost.  However, we rely heavily upon contributions from friends of the camp.  We have an exciting future ahead of us and would love you to come along side of us to support the ministry here. 

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Participating in the life of Camp Living Waters is a great way to support our efforts.  Make us your first priority when considering your camp and retreat options.  We have plenty opportunities for your church and groups to experience the serenity of these quiet facilities.  


Mission opportunities

If your small group or church is looking for mission opportunities, please consider coming to Camp Living Waters.  As with any facility, especially with this many buildings, there is always a constant demand for remodeling and building projects.  We are merely a tool to help churches in their efforts to spread the Gospel.  Each labor of love that is donated sharpens this tool to maximize our effectiveness.