Camp Living Waters Rules

  • DO cooperate with staff.

  • DO treat others with respect. Remember that we are here for the glory of God.

  • DO observe the curfew. NO loud activities after 9:00 pm on weeknights and 10:00 pm on the weekends.

  • DO follow all safety rules at camp. Use of facilities must be under supervision of camp staff. NO ONE is allowed on the low or high ropes courses without the leadership of a TRAINED staff person.

  • DO place all trash in appropriate cans and keep the grounds clean.

  • DO keep your room and bathroom clean. A $35 cleaning fee per room or area will be charged to any group leaving an area in an unacceptable condition or any room in which tobacco or alcohol products have been used.

  • DO wear shoes at ALL times. DO NOT walk barefoot from water slide to pool or gym.

  • DO report all injuries or accidents immediately to staff and fill out an accident report before leaving the campus.

  • DO contact a staff member if there is a problem with the facilities.

  • DO bring a bag for your dirty laundry. We DO NOT give out bags.

  • DO NOT let animals of any kind in any of our buildings.

  • DO NOT play rough, fight, or use profanity.

  • DO NOT take food or drinks to the dorms, private rooms, or worship/assembly center.

  • DO NOT bring drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, fireworks, electronics, skateboards, rollerblades, or roller skates.

  • DO NOT move beds or others furniture in or between rooms.

  • DO NOT deface property by writing or putting stickers on walls or beds or removing any signs.

  • DO NOT sit on the tables or stand on the chairs. Only adults are allowed to move tables.

Please return all keys to the camp office before leaving. If office is closed, keys may be placed in the box beside the door.