In 1921, the Louisiana Baptist Convention acquired the property known as The Mandeville Encampment.  The Louisiana Baptist Convention eventually leased the property to the newly formed nonprofit organization named Southeast Baptist Assembly on September 30, 1958.  Southeast Baptist Assembly operated at Mandeville Encampment alongside Louisiana Baptist Convention until April 1978.  The property and facilities were sold for $402,875.  When the property was sold, the money was divided between the Louisiana Baptist Convention, 25% and Southeast Baptist Assembly, 75%. 

The money was used to purchase land in Loranger, LA and on September 29 and 30, 1979 an open house was hosted by Southeast Baptist Assembly on the new land.  The only buildings at this time were the directors home, shop, pavilion by the river and a partially completed main building.  There was approximately $150,000 borrowed to finish the main building.  A goal was set to ask churches to give $1.70 per member so that the loan would be repaid at completion.

Over the years, the camp has expanded multiple times.  Bro. DeVon Byrd led Southeast Baptist Assembly for several years before his retirement.  He was very successful in building the backbone of the camp, such as pool, water slide, canoe lake, high and low ropes courses.  With all of this in place, the camp was ready to start expanding its sleeping capacity.  In 1995 construction was completed on the four cottages behind the gym facility.  Under the leadership of Keith Maddox, the camp was able to add a worship center, seven cabins, and other facilities. 



As we move forward toward the future, things are getting exciting.  We are currently working toward remodeling and updating facilities.  More camps are already added for the summer of 2019 with a new format that will enhance the total image of the camp. The most exciting thing to look forward to in the near future is the construction of a new, air conditioned dining hall.  We are so looking forward to the future before us.